SAKURA BOARD for gadget renesas project

SAKURA BOARD for for gadget renesas project
A GR-Sakura is one of the Gadget Renesas board series. This is an Arduino compatible board based on RX63N series 32-bit MCU, which is a successor MCU of RX62N, has on-chip flash memory and enhanced communication functions, including an ethernet controller and USB 2.0 Host/Function. The on-chip flash memory of RX63N is programmable by USB mass storage mode, and the on-chip flash memory of RX63N is visible as a drive on your PC.
The compiler for Rx63N on Cloud is a GNU base, and is supported by Renesas and, also the Applet on the Android smart phone makes it possible to build an application with a module plug-in your own application. In this way, anyone can build a system without complex programming.

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